Rivendell Retreat Centre

Rivendell Buddhist Retreat Centre

Teaching Buddhism, Buddhist meditation and yoga retreats, in Sussex, South-East England.

Rivendell is run by the Triratna Buddhist Community to teach meditation and help you apply Buddhism to life in the modern world. We offer a range of Buddhist, meditation and yoga retreats for people all levels of experience.

For beginners try our Introductory retreats and yoga retreats. You don't have to consider yourself a Buddhist, or have any intention of becoming one, to benefit from these retreats.

For people already practising meditation and Buddhism within the Triratna Buddhist Community we run retreats aimed to take your practice deeper.

What is a Retreat?

Being on retreat at Rivendell is an opportunity to be free of your usual responsibilities and distractions, able to view your life from a fresh perspective.

A retreat, although often highly enjoyable is also not the same as a holiday or workshop. A retreat situation is a place where the boundaries are defined specifically to create a real opportunity to step outside familiar patterns and explore different ways of being.

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Our current response to the COVID-19 Coronavirus

2022 Rivendell Covid-19 Protocols
Please see the new Covid-19 protocols for our retreats in 2022 here 2022 Covid protocols