Comments and Testimonials

“Rivendell is the perfect backdrop to a spiritual communion of like minded people. Buddhism comes through every detail and loving kindness oozies through the organisational elements that make people feel safe enough to search deep within themselves.” - Gill

“I feel inspired to come here truly beautiful. Thank you so much for running Rivendell and creating such a beautiful space. The homeliness of the house, the clear organisation everything is so well planned and thought out. It's really evident that much care has gone and is going into the whole of Rivendell it really shows and allows great things to unfold.” - Rebeken.

“Put me in touch with a sense of beauty” - Jim

“The care and thoughtfulness full of deeply welcoming elements. The actual course - leaders experienced, time, shrineroom, gardens this really is an incredible place and reflects the creativity and thoughtfulness of how it is managed. The course was wonderful beyond words many thanks.” -John

“Space to breathe and meet interesting people” - Natalie

“The team, the people, the instruction I thought all of the leaders were amazing truly inspirational.” - Amanda

“Lovely community and food. Excellent teachers, beautiful surroundings and meditation opportunities - Thank you.” Claire

“Feeling part and living as a community, I have had a wonderful retreat, thank you to everyone involved.” - Nicki

“This retreat got everything right, food, peace and quiet beauty, meditation, discussions, the house itself, the shrine room in all it's glory, the various activities, the people. On the whole this was the best retreat I've been on (and I have done around 10-12). The facilities at Rivendell have improved beyond belief.” - Mark

“I had a wonderful time, made friends, laughed and learnt a lot - thanks.” Cessally

“Such a lovely environment to do meditation. Enjoyed the pace of the weekend - periods of concentrated thought and discussion with plenty of free time. Enjoyed being with other like minded people - I learnt something new about myself.” - Willow

“Space, safe, honest, non-judgemental.” - Julie

“The warm community support, the vegan food is delicious. The house is very comfortable and welcoming. The gardens are wonderful for wandering around and reflection. I will definitely come again than you so much for a truly lovely experience.” - Suzanne

“Food, company, facilities, magic” - Tim

“Sense of community, calm and kind atmosphere. Everyone was very friendly, leaders were lovely and approachable, enjoyed group discussions, and meditations. The thing I disliked most? Leaving.” - Karen

“As my first residential retreat experience this was simply delightful. Everyone I spoke to was engaging, welcoming and thoughtful. During the course of the weekend I had some sublime moments of calm tranquillity that I have not had before. This was a beautiful experience. Thank you”. - Mike

“A huge thank you for the most wonderful weekend – One of my hopes was the retreat would take me to places I hadn’t visited before and it did! That place is still with me and I know I can go there at any time. So, many thanks to you and the retreat leader who was an inspiration. With love from a happy and full heart” – Helen.

“To everyone at Rivendell, my sincere thanks for truly memorable and happy weekend. I will treasure my time at Rivendell always” – Vicki

“The most magical weekend I have spent ever!” – Lynn.

“The teachers were fantastic, full of good advice and beautiful souls. They have truly touched me. I will be telling my friends about the special people at Rivendell” - Jo.

“I feel grateful to the people who make Rivendell possible – it’s a gem, good work!” - David

“I can’t really put into words how special the experience of being at Rivendell was for me. As soon as I arrived I felt right at home, in fact it felt like coming home, everyone was so friendly.” - Lynne.

“It was an excellent weekend, it really helped me connect with myself. I feel inspired to continue to practice meditation, thank you!” - Mel.

“Rivendell is Beautiful, I enjoyed the eco-friendly features and the opportunity to help out. The tutors were fantastic and the participants friendly, it was exactly what I needed” – Karen.

“Such beautiful and evolving gardens. They are a real oasis for someone in the thick of the city like me!” – Lou.

“The retreat was excellently balanced in format and content. The leaders were gorgeous people who brought out the best in the group. My yoga and meditation have developed in gentle and fabulous ways, I know I will carry this with me into my life outside the retreat” – Rhian.

“Rivendell was a true gift in every sense. Serenity, calmness, focus, expertise and generosity in an environment of tranquillity. On returning home I thoroughly appreciate the experience, calm and clear, at ease with myself, many thanks” – John.