2021 Online Events (Sunday Sessions and fundraisers)

Sunday sessions from our Shrine room

(10AM for 2 hours) offered on donation basis.

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Next Session

07 March - The Broad Band of Awareness - Vajradevi

In this 2-hour session we’ll be reviving a precious teaching that helps us work with our minds. The Broad Band of Awareness has not had much of an outing since its heyday at Vajraloka retreat centre in the nineties.

The session will have some input around what the BBA is, and what helps us stay within the ‘band’ more of the time. Exploring factors such as ‘choice’ (of location, posture, and practice) and ‘internal gauges’ (of body sensations, images and thoughts, and emotions) to guide us gently into deep but safe waters of practice.

When we are at ease within ourselves interest and engagement with our experience follows naturally. The easier it then becomes to simply be aware and find joy in the process.

Future Dates for Rivendell Sunday Sessions:

21 March - Navigating Change with Bravery and Openness with Vidyamala

As we come out of lockdown and hear talk of life gradually 'returning to normal', many of us may be feeling a mixture of emotions. These might range from relief and happiness through to fear and anxiety. Perhaps we don't want to go back to the old normal and would rather craft a new normal for ourselves? What would that look like and how can we use this time as an opportunity to make lasting and creative changes in our lives?

11 April - ''All You Need is Love.....Really?'' with Balajit

As humans we are wired when stressed to easily contract and regress
into reptilian states of fight, fight and freeze. As humans we are
also wired to seek connection, aliveness and to live with a liberated
heart.  What does it mean to practice Buddhism with these primal
conflicting forces? What helps us to cultivate resilience and navigate life
many challenges, whilst staying connected and open hearted?

Rivendell Online Fundraiser Retreats

The Calling - Spring Meditation Weekend with Singhashri & Balajit

19th Mar - 21st Mar 2021 - Please book on this event HERE

The Heart's Release - Women's Week with Mandarava

26 March - 1 April - Please book on this event HERE

Investigating Each Moment with Awareness & Wisdom with Vajradevi

2nd Apr - 7th Apr 2021 - Please book on this event HERE

The Dynamic Mandala with Tejananda

22nd May - 28th May 2021 - Please book on this event HERE

Doorways to the Deep with Singhashri & Balajit

28th May - 4th June - Please book on this event HERE

Centre of the Sunlit Sky with Vessantara

12th - 17th June 2021 - Please book on this event HERE

Vimalakirti Nirdesha Order Retreat with Vessantara

19th - 24th June 2021 - Please book on this event HERE