Meditation and Dharma Weeks

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Heart of Practice 17th May - 24th May 2019 Atula, Paramananda and Mandarava Retreat Full

- Waiting list available

The Heart's Release - Women's Retreat 12th Apr - 18th Apr 2019 Mandarava and Sinhacandra Retreat Full

- Waiting list available

Earth, Body & Breath - Movement & Meditation 21st Jun - 28th Jun 2019 Padmadarshini and Inalu Antoli Spaces
The Path of Purification 19th Sep - 27th Sep 2019 Atula, Mandarava, Viryapuspa and Nagasiddhi Retreat Nearly Full
Rites of Passage - Archetypal Symbolism in the Life of the Buddha 5th Jul - 12th Jul 2019 Mandarava and Nagasiddhi Spaces