In the Footsteps of the Buddha: Where the Buddha's Story Meets Our Own - Online Event

This retreat is suitable for those who have a regular meditation practice and who regularly attend retreats, a centre or a group within the context of the Triratna Buddhist Community. You will also need to be familiar with, and happy to participate in, Triratna Buddhist devotional practice and ritual (puja), be comfortable with extended periods of sitting meditation and the possibility on some retreats of periods spent in silence.

Hosted by the Buddhist Centre Online

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Seven days of interactive meditation and practice workshops with storytelling: Friday April 23 – Thursday April 29 2021

Suggested donation for the whole retreat: $125 | £125 | €125

First daily session (2 hrs):  IE & UK 09:30 | Europe CET 10:30 | India 14:00 | Australia AEDT 18.30 | New Zealand 20.30

Second daily session (1.5 hrs): USA PST 07:30 | México 09:30 | USA EST 10:30 | IE & UK 15:30 | Europe CET 16:30 | India 20:00 | Australia AEDT 00.30 (next day) | New Zealand 02.30 (next day)

Third daily session (1.5 hrs): USA PST 11:00 | México 13:00 | USA EST 14:00 | IE & UK 19:00 | Europe CET 20:00 | Australia AEDT 04.00 (next day) | New Zealand 06.00 (next day)

N.B. Your ticket is for any day - come to as many sessions as you like!

On this online retreat, with a sense of imagination, adventure and play, we will be exploring the images, myths and symbols of the Buddha’s journey to Awakening. These mythic images from the Buddha’s own story also touch upon deeper, archetypal currents in our own lives. We will dwell imaginatively together on the major turning points in the life of the Buddha, and reflect on how they resonate with our own experience.

Rather than seeing the Buddha as a distant historical figure, we will explore how his story embodies the very real journey we all need to embark upon to live a fully human life. Join us for a week-long Home Retreat, with talks, storytelling, meditation, ritual, community, and discussion!

Mandarava was ordained in 1997 and is a storyteller and puppet maker known for inspiring creativity in others and creating an atmosphere of magical depth. She is currently nearing the completion of her training in Somatic Experiencing.

Nagasiddhi regularly leads and supports retreats at Rivendell Retreat Centre and is also an artist and puppet maker. He is known for the sense of humour and creativity he brings to his Dharma teaching. In particular, he helps others make connections between the Dharma and their own lives by using stories and images from the 'western' tradition. His own artwork can be viewed at

Retreat Leaders: 
Mandarava & Nagasiddhi
Single Room Availability: 
Sorry, but the single room is not available on this retreat now
Date: Friday, April 23, 2021 to Thursday, April 29, 2021