Weekend Retreats

Weekend Retreats

These retreats are suitable for those who have a regular meditation practice and who regularly attend retreats, a centre or a group within the context of the Triratna Buddhist Community. You will also need to be familiar with, and happy to participate in, Buddhist devotional practice and ritual (puja) and be comfortable with periods of silence.


The Crucible of Meditation Weekends 2018:

Suitable for those who have been meditating regularly within the context of the Triratna Buddhist Community for two years.

Mid-Winter Meditation Weekend

With Balajit & Singhasri

December 14-16 | £165/145

A regular meditation practice can bring welcome periods of peace and calm into the rigours and demands of our everyday life. Yet Buddhist meditation and practice goes beyond generating relatively peaceful intervals in our lives. On this retreat we will explore how the Dharma reveals the underlying causes of suffering and unease in our lives, seeking to bring new direction and meaning. We will be supported in this quest by meditation, workshops and ritual, as we collectively explore what is limiting us and what deep down our hearts long for.

Balajit lived and worked for many years at Vajraloka meditation centre in Wales, where he also led retreats. He now works in Birmingham as a Shen physio-emotional release therapist. Singhashri teaches Buddhist meditation on retreats and at Buddhist Centres across the UK. She also works for the Breathworks mindfulness programme. Both are dedicated to their own meditation practice and are passionate communicators of the Dharma.


“The Whole of the Spiritual Life”- Easter Long Weekend (4 nights)

With Amalabandhu & friends

April 18-22 (Long Easter bank holiday weekend) | £250/230

The Buddha went so far as to say that friendship was in fact “the whole of the spiritual life”. On this retreat we will be exploring friendship in all its aspects. The Buddha stated that our friends and companions would be best served and cared for if we were to perform five ‘duties’ towards them. These are: generosity, kindly compassionate speech, to support their general welfare, to treat them as we treat ourselves and to keep our promises. Ideally, our friends will respond in kind to us, creating a living network of love and care between us all. On the retreat we will reflect on and embody these five aspects of friendship by practising friendliness together, as a communication of the Dharma. We will experience how this will support ourselves and others and create the conditions for the spiritual community, or Sangha, to truly flourish.

Please note: This retreat runs Thursday pm to Monday pm.

Writing on the Way – Writing & Walking Long Weeken

With Subhadassi

July 12–14 | £190/170

Please note: The dates, cost and length of the retreat has now changed from those in the printed 2019 programme.
“In the course of a walk, we usually find out something about our companion, and this is true even when we travel alone”. - Thomas A. Clark

On this retreat we will meditate, walk and write, to create mindful and reflective spaces in which we can deepen our dharma practice, to ‘map realities’. Writing and walking can both help us to stand firm in what and where we currently are in our lives. At the same time, they can help us to steer towards a truer direction; to carry less baggage; to let go. We will meditate, walk, write. We will cook, eat, sleep. We will shift, grow, open. With meditation, ritual, group writing sessions and a mindful two-hour group walk each day.

Subhadassi is a retreat leader and writer with more than two decades’ experience of leading retreats and running writing workshops. He is currently chair of Brighton Buddhist Centre. More details: subhadassi.com

The Calling - Meditation Weekends

Suitable for those who have been meditating regularly within the context of the Triratna Buddhist Community for two years.

The Calling - Summer Weekend

With Balajit & Singhasri

July 19 –21 | £170/150

The Calling - Winter Weekend

With Balajit & Singhasri

December 20-22 | £170/150

In the maelstrom of modern life we can easily lose a sense of what's most important to us - our heart’s longing. On this meditation retreat, learn to listen more deeply to yourself by contacting and abiding in more authentic and meaningful states of being. The heart longs to be free, expansive and connected. Limited and banished parts of us long for kindly attention. These forces are calling. To help us respond to this calling, we will draw on the supportive qualities of the elements, guided personal inquiry, mindful movement, creative ritual and lots of quiet sitting.

Balajit lived and worked at the Vajraloka retreat centre in Wales for many years where he also led retreats. He is currently based in Birmingham where he combines work as a SHEN therapist with leading Buddhist retreats and events across the UK. Singhashri lives and works in London, sharing her love of the dharma through her work as a mindfulness teacher, trainer and supervisor, as well as meditation and dharma teaching across the UK, Europe and the USA . You can find up-to-date information on her teaching, as well as her latest writings, on her website at www.radicalembrace.org.

Black Sun - Meditation Long Weekend (3 nights)

With Paramananda & nagasiddhi

October 18-21 | £240/220

“Moments of grace when action falls away, but more than just a witness - the distance collapsed, a dark star, trusting its own dark light”. From the poem ‘Perhaps’ by Paramananda

Sometimes in our striving to develop ourselves and ascend to the ‘light’ we can risk leaving behind what is most precious in us. Increasingly aspects of our culture can encourage us to overcome or reject the parts of ourselves which do not conform to the stereotypes of our superficial growth-obsessed world. The mysterious and paradoxical alchemical image of the ‘Black Sun’ suggests that there is a hidden light in the depths. When we come more fully into relationship with what, at first, may seem negative aspects of the mind, we can open to new possibilities for building resilience and compassion in a sometimes difficult world. This retreat will support us to sit with our naked experience with love and interest, in the light of this ‘Black Sun’. With extended periods of sitting practice, silence and Buddhist ritual.

Please note: Before attending this retreat you will need to have been regularly meditating for at least two years. This retreat runs from Friday pm to Monday pm.

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