Weekend Retreats

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The Way of Poetry - Creative Writing & Dharma 26th Jun - 28th Jun 2020 Subhadassi Spaces
"A Handful of Mustard Seeds" Easter Long Weekend (4 nights) 9th Apr - 13th Apr 2020 Amalabandhu and Arthadasa Retreat Full

- Waiting list available

This Knowing Body - Summer Meditation Weekend 12th Jun - 14th Jun 2020 Mandarava and Sukhasiddhi Spaces
Bird Song in the Bones - Meditation Long Weekend 9th Oct - 12th Oct 2020 Paramananda and Nagasiddhi Retreat Full

- Waiting list available

The Calling - Winter Meditation Weekend 18th Dec - 20th Dec 2020 Singhasri and Balajit Spaces