Heart of Practice

To attend this retreat you will need to have been regularly meditating for at least two years and regularly attend retreats, a centre or a group within the context of the Triratna Buddhist Community. You must also be comfortable with extended periods of sitting meditation, Buddhist devotional practice and spending most of the retreat in silence.

An opportunity to benefit from the teaching of three very different and experienced Buddhist practitioners on one retreat. The retreat will explore the relationship between formal meditation practice and communication with others. Our aim will be to experience Sangha in its fullest sense, where we can be with our own experience and be in real relationship with others, both on the cushion and off. Paramananda will lead the morning sessions, which will focus on guided meditation practice. In the afternoons Atula will gently lead us into a fuller relationship with ourselves and others through group work. In the evenings Mandarava will create rituals and images to help us imaginatively connect wholeheartedly with practice.

Retreat Leaders: 
Atula, Paramananda and Mandarava
Date: Friday, May 17, 2019 to Friday, May 24, 2019

Prices for this event are: £355 - £325 (Conc)

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This event is no longer open for bookings